Welcome to the website for What The Hull? A modern image n gauge layout loosely based on Hull Paragon station and surrounding areas, with a few details that those who know the area will be left asking What The Hull?

Hull Paragon to Walton Street – with a few guest appearances along the trackside.

I’ve always been of the belief that modelling should be fun – as such this layout isn’t the detail study some may hope for.  As such this is a fun recreation with features I like – loosely based around a theme.

The trains that run ‘roughly’ follow the theme for Hull with a number of exceptions. What is clear is that ‘Rule 1’ very much has a place in my heart!

The layout came about after visiting a number of local exhibitions in East Yorkshire (with an odd flirtation with Lincolnshire) and thinking ‘how hard can it be’.  Having been disappointed with layouts that looked half finished, or were populated with off the shelf items that had just been dropped in position with no thought on how they look.

My parents will testify from my school reports that I am no artist. However with a healthy imagination, an eye for detail, and the willingness to rip things up and start again this layout will evolve into something hopefully great.  The aim is to be invited onto the exhibition circuit in 2020 onwards.

With few or no exceptions the plan is to end up with a fully customised layout that hopefully has a ‘wow’ factor that keeps viewers entertained for an age, not just with trains running back and forth, but spotting all the hidden details too.

Work is well underway and details will appear on here as they happen.  The winter may be too cold to be spending an age in the garage laying points & track, or playing with wiring, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be doing anything.

At present there are many details that are being worked on in advance of having the boards ready – trucks are being varnished, bufffers painted, and fences primed. As a result What The Hull should rapidly come together next year.  And you will be able to follow the progress here as it happens…

And the measurements are in – I can fit 16′ so the boards will be ordered this week. That means if I plan to run full length trains the scenic section will be about 10′ long and the fiddle yard 6′.