It’s a bit nippy out

Having been out to the garage to try and make some progress two things have struck me!

  • Modelling in the winter is going to be in very short bursts
  • The boards I have chosen are going to be a big task

All that being said, 2020 shouldn’t prove to be that ambitious and should be achievable.  As a consequence of my ambition nature there can’t be let up in the quest.

Now that I’m back int he safety of the warm I have things to get one with. The first job for today apart from finishings Bob’s butties will be to paint the buffer stops.

The broad track plan has 7 platforms as per Hull Paragon and a couple of stabling lines in the same vein as well.  Once a couple of headshunts have been built in my reckoning is that I’ll need all 14 that I’ve just sat and cut off the sprues.

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