Modelling, well sort of…

Having had family staying for the previous few days I finally got some much needed modelling time last night and went out to the garage.  What I saw after a few days away was a not a thing of beauty but a complete and utter mess!

So as a consequence yesterday’s modelling time was spent doing non modelling tasks.  I now have a number of cupboards and shelves built up for the garage.  These have been sat in their boxes for quite a while but I could stand the mess no more.

Tonight’s modelling time will no doubt also involve no modelling at all as I put them all up.  Although I guess indirectly it’s all for the greater good – it just doesn’t feel like it at times!

Once I have them all up and the junk off the floor things should progress nicely again.  I even had the foresight to order myself a shelf that makes an ideal photo plank for completed models.

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