And they try to claim retail is dead….

Not in Hull it’s not! This isn’t another article praising Kernow Model Centre for announcing the opening of their second branch in Guildford. Something that is a bold, and welcomed move in the current climate.

Bigger news people – there is a new Kwik-E-Mart opening in Hull.

Construction is well underway with the final outside of the building close to completion. Internal fit out should start next week with the grand opening soon. We will have to try and invite Mayor West to cut the ribbon at the ceremony.

Enough of the frivolity – modelling time!

And now back in the real world…. The model of the iconic supermarket from the Simpsons is a 3d printed kit purchased off a well known auction site. Made by DAPR it is a well designed model. However, the print quality on the walls and rooftop leaves a little to be desired.

Before construction could start a lot of prep work was required to get it ready. If you like sanding this is the model for you! To speed the process up I used domestic 120 grit sandpaper and then 600 grit wet and dry paper to finish.

The front wall however doesn’t lend itself to too aggressive a sanding. With the way the windows and doors are designed I sanded what I could. Then it was necessary to cover the front with a thin layer of Humbrol filler which will be easier to smooth once dry.

As you can see from the photo I have given the first assembly and fill a light coat of primer. The light coat of primer is a great way of highlighting where there is more filler required, or more sanding needed.

Consequently I covered the front wall in filler as you can see as my sanding efforts were just poor. I’ll smooth this down tomorrow and give it another light coat of primer to assess. I just wasn’t brave enough to sand the base plastic any harder for fear of snapping the finer details.

In due course a full write up on the build will appear on it’s own page for the model, with more photos too. Including all the painting there is probably about a week’s work left to get this done. However with a few days family time the model will get plenty of drying time between coats of paint.

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