Welcome to the website for What The Hull?

A modern image n gauge layout loosely based on Hull Paragon station and surrounding areas, with a few details that those who know the area will be left asking What The Hull?


Conceived as an idea in late 2018 What The Hull came about on the back of visiting exhibitions and thinking “how hard can it be?”

At one exhibition I remember being sufficiently disappointed with the standard of the layouts that I had left in about half an hour. Once that happened a steely determination to do better set in.

There are hidden features throughout, an idea shamelessly pillaged from other layouts. I like the idea of having a list of things to look out for, as every time I have seen it, people have been engrossed.

Why a terminus?

Quite simply, that is down to space. In the current house the space I have available in the garage does not support an oval. At least not without some very tight curves and prototypical flange squeal.

Why Hull?

Quite simply – I live here. Also if you look through photo sites like flickr then you soon realise there is a prototype for everything.

This fine city was UK City of Culture in 2017 and that should be celebrated.

Prototype for everything?


I have seen or found evidence of;
> The Royal Train on more than one occasion
> Classes 142, 143, 144, 150, 153, 155, 156, 158, 170, 180 and 222 in DMUs
> Everyone’s favourite the HST timetabled daily
> Charters through the years with 31, 37, 47, 55 haulage and more
> A class 60 parked in the bay platform
> Visits from weed killing and RHTT

And that just a starter – it seems over the years it really is a case of anything goes in Hull!


Operationally? Anything from the last 20 years or so will do for me. Not a fan of fixed eras – I’m in this to enjoy myself so within reason anything goes.

Oh you meant to completion of the layout?

Boards are currently being made – 4 1200mm x 760mm units in 6mm plywood and should be in by end of March 2019. Then we just have to start thinking about assembly.

Track should be laid and wired by the end of April, with platforms in and painted by mid-April.

Ballasting will be done as I have previously with dilute PVA mixed with brown and dark grey paints. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us – if it does then all will look like a proper railway by the middle of May.

Progress at this point may seem to slow as the ‘big’ jobs are complete. But with a lot of time to be spent on the road this year I will soon have the smaller details glued and painted and ready to place. Hopefully we will look presentable by Christmas.

The long term aim is not ‘What the Hull’ but ‘Wow Hull’

I’ll be updating the blog and the site as we go which are produced with the support of with RJC internet Marketing. I’m always happy to share tips and tricks and how to guides will appear all over the place in due course so keep checking back!