It’s all well and good having great trains, but without a great layout they lose their magic.

As you can see, it’s not just all about the rolling stock, no matter how cool some of it may be.  Consequently I have spent a lot of time modifying off the shelf items to make them a bit different.

I’ve put together a few pages that I hope you find useful on the tools and general items I use.  A key theme throughout these guides is that fact that this doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby.  Many of the items I reference are either free of can be picked up for just a few pence.

Part 1 – Tools for Modelling – Painting

There are also a series of minor features throughout the layout, can you spot them all?  There’s lots of things to find hiding and count.

You will find below links to a lot of the scenic modifications on What The Hull?

Bob’s Butties – A modified version of the Oxford Diecast burger van.

Buffer Stops – How we brought to life our Peco SL-340 kits.

Grit / Salt Bins – Did you spot the added detail?

Kwik-E-Mart Retail is booming in Hull.

Telephone Boxes – Can you count them all?